Adult Child Maintenance

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Adult Child Maintenance

As Family Law experts Simonidis Steel understand the need and complexities of Adult Child Maintenance. We recognise that this aspect of Family Law necessitates specialised consideration, especially in cases where financial support stretches beyond conventional boundaries. Our skilled family lawyers meticulously evaluate each case, tailoring it to the specific scenario.


Simonidis Steel advocate for equitable outcomes by recognising the specific needs and goals of both parents and adult children. Our experience includes skilfully presenting cases, whether through negotiation or in Court, to ensure that the complexities of Adult Child Maintenance are dealt with sensitivity and professionalism.


Adult Child Maintenance deals with the financial obligations that parents may have towards their adult children. Traditionally, child support responsibilities end when the child has reached 18 or completed High School, whichever comes later. However, specific circumstances may necessitate the provision of financial help. For instance, conditions such as a child’s physical or mental difficulties that limit their ability to be self-sufficient may require ongoing assistance.


Furthermore, adult child maintenance may be required if the child is pursuing a tertiary education. Whether finishing high school, pursuing further education, vocational training or an apprenticeship, financial support is often required. Recognising that educational pursuits contribute to the adult child’s ability to build self-esteem and independence Courts often consider the continuation of financial support by considering the parent’s ability to give such support and the overall fairness of the arrangement. This procedure emphasises the necessity of ensuring the adult child’s future well-being and financial stability.

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Whether you are seeking to establish or modify an adult child maintenance arrangement, Simonidis Steel Lawyers are a family law specialist firm who will work diligently to navigate the complexities of the family law legal process and confident in achieving a favourable outcome for you and your adult child. Please do not hesitate to contact us and talk to one of our experienced team about any adult maintenance issue or concern.

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