De Facto Property Settlement

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De Facto Property Settlement

De facto property settlements address the division of assets and liabilities when a de facto relationship ends. These relationships may involve property, financial resources, and other shared assets that need equitable distribution. The Family Law Act governs such settlements, with considerations similar to those in marital property settlements. Same-sex couples are now considered de facto relationships. 


Our experienced Defacto Property Settlement Lawyers at Simonidis Steel Lawyers specialise in guiding clients through this complex legal process. The steps that need to be considered are as follows: 


  • Identifying and valuing the assets and liabilities owned by both parties in the relationship. 
  • Deliberating on each party’s financial and non-financial contributions to the relationship. 
  • Evaluating each party’s future requirements. 
  • Establishing an order that is just and equitable. 

Simonidis Steel Lawyers can assist you in identifying pertinent factors in your case and provide insight into an equitable settlement. Additionally, we provide practical and realistic recommendations in order to expedite settlement. Given the time constraints, we advise seeking legal counsel promptly. Before starting any court proceedings, it is advisable to make a genuine attempt to resolve your property dispute. With the help of our Defacto Property Settlement Lawyers, you can explore various avenues such as mediation, dispute resolution, and collaborative negotiations with your ex-partner’s legal representation. 


For those considering or entering a de facto relationship, Simonidis Steel Lawyers offers guidance on rights and legal avenues options. Additionally, we provide support in safeguarding your assets within this context. 


Simonidis Steel Lawyers prioritises your requirements. We provide complete assistance as you navigate the complexities of de facto property settlements, delivering experienced legal counsel tailored to your specific circumstances. Our objective is to develop solutions that encompass the complexities of your relationship and shared assets, allowing you to move forwards with financial security and confidence. Our expertise extends beyond negotiating; if amicable resolutions are not possible, we are prepared to provide strong counsel in court. Through an understanding of Australian family law and the nuanced dynamics of de facto relationships, we work diligently to uphold our clients’ rights while achieving settlements that are equitable and fair. 

Contact our Brisbane Family lawyers if you require any specific advice on your current situation. Our team will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have.


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