Inheritances and Windfalls

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Inheritances and Windfalls


Inheritances in property settlement matters pertains to the consideration of inherited assets or funds during the process of dividing property and assets after a relationship breakdown. Inheritances received by one partner throughout the course of the relationship can complicate property settlement negotiations as they frequently raise questions about whether these assets should be included or excluded from the division.

Simonidis Steel understand the complexities of inheritances in property settlement cases. We provide tailored guidance to individuals navigating these situations ensuring that their rights and interests are protected. Our experienced property lawyers can assist clients in determining whether inheritances should be considered marital assets or remain separate property. Our approach involves an in-depth examination of fundamental legal principles and precedents in order to develop a strategy for negotiation or, if necessary, court proceedings. We work closely with our clients to understand the intricacies of their specific cases and provide informed advice on how best to approach inheritances within property settlement negotiations. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ inheritances are handled with fairness and in accordance with the applicable legal frameworks, ultimately striving for equitable property settlement outcomes that reflect each party’s rightful entitlements.


Windfalls in property settlement are unexpected financial gains acquired by one partner during a relationship which become a consideration during the property division process following separation or divorce. These windfalls can include lottery winnings, significant bonuses, or unexpected inheritances received during the relationship.

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As experienced property lawyers, Simonidis Steel Lawyers are well-equipped to assist individuals navigate the challenges of inheritances and windfalls in property settlement cases. Our experienced team provide personalised advice and counsel to ensure that such matters are properly addressed during property division negotiations. We acknowledge the importance of determining whether inheritances or windfalls should be recognised as marital assets susceptible to division or retained as separate property. Our approach involves a detailed examination of legal precedents and principles to develop an effective negotiation strategy or, if necessary to prepare for court Proceedings. We collaborate with our clients to acquire all relevant information and provide expert advice on handling these matters throughout the property settlement process. Please do not hesitate to contact Simonidis Steel to discuss your property related matter.

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