High Value & Complex Property Settlements

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High Value & Complex Property Settlements

High value and complex property settlements frequently include substantial assets, investments, businesses, and real estate holdings, demanding skilled legal counsel to ensure equitable division.

Brisbane High Value Property Settlement Lawyers

Our skilled team of High Value Property Settlement Lawyers at Simonidis Steel Lawyers has the knowledge to navigate the complexities of such settlements. To get a thorough understanding of the marital estate, we meticulously examine intricate financial portfolios, appraisals, and tax implications. Our skilled lawyers work with financial specialists such as, forensic accountants, tax specialists, and financial planning specialists to identify the most beneficial option, taking into account both parties’ contributions, requirements, and future goals. 

We strive to facilitate communication and negotiation in complex property settlements, striving for mutually agreeable resolutions that minimise conflict and stress. If resolution through negotiation proves challenging, our high value property settlements lawyers are well-equipped to provide solid counsel in court proceedings. We work relentlessly to protect our clients’ rights and financial stability, having a thorough understanding of Australian family law and property division.


Simonidis Steel Lawyers tailors its approach to each case’s specific complexities, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. We provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of their rights, possible outcomes, and legal options. Our objective is to achieve fair and equitable solutions, minimising challenges and uncertainties while protecting our clients’ interests.Our team’s expertise and dedication set us apart in the field of high-value and complex property settlements. 

Complex Property Settlement Lawyers

Complex business structures within property settlements add another layer of intricacy to asset division. These structures may encompass partnerships, corporations and trusts, making it difficult to value and distribute corporate assets. The experienced team at Simonidis Steel Lawyers navigate these intricacies, providing customised solutions that take into consideration the nuances of each company structure.  


We meticulously analyse financial records, assess the true value of business assets, and collaborate with financial experts to ensure a fair and accurate representation. Our experienced complex property settlement lawyers are skilled negotiators, working to strike equitable settlements that consider both parties’ contributions and future needs. In cases where amicable resolution isn’t attainable, we provide strong representation in court. 

Contact our Brisbane Family lawyers if you require any specific advice on your current situation. Our team will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have.


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