Parenting Orders And Parenting Plans

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Parenting Orders And Parenting Plans

Parenting Orders

A parenting order is a document compelling a person to do certain things in relation to the care, welfare and development of their child or children. Parenting orders can encompass a variety of issues, such as a child’s living arrangements, communication between parents, overseas travel and decision making authority on crucial issues like education, health, and religion.


When making parenting orders, the Court will consider a variety of factors such as the child’s safety, well-being and their developmental needs. The primary consideration which is the foundation of all the Court’s orders is the child’s best interests. Parenting orders are legally binding and any breach can result in serious sanctions being imposed.


Simonidis Steel Lawyers are recognised as leaders in the profession when it comes to parenting matters. We are genuinely committed in helping parents in resolving parenting disputes or where necessary, advocating for our client’s before the Court.

Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is a written agreement between parents or guardians outlining the arrangements for their children’s care, well-being, and upbringing following separation or divorce. It is a flexible, non-legally binding document that focuses on the best interests of the child, giving an extensive framework for essential topics such as living arrangements, visitation schedules, decision-making responsibilities and communication between parents.

As experienced Parenting Lawyers, Simonidis Steel Lawyers are dedicated to aiding clients in developing effective and harmonious parenting plans. Our experienced lawyers understand that parenting plans can provide a collaborative and adaptable approach to co-parenting, creating stability and reducing possible disputes. We work closely with clients to understand their unique family dynamics, facilitating discussions to build comprehensive parenting plans that fulfil the child’s needs while honouring both parents’ rights and obligations.

Throughout the process, our parenting plan lawyers provide expert guidance, ensuring that the plan is practical, realistic, and sensitive to the child’s developmental stage. We use our extensive knowledge of family law to assist parents in navigating potential issues and making informed decisions. While parenting plans are not legally binding, involving legal specialists can provide significant insights and guarantee that the plan complies with legal requirements.

There are some cases where advice may be given that a parenting plan is better suited than a Court order, even when that Court order is agreed to by both parties. Simonidis Steel Lawyers have the skill set to be able to differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of parenting plans verse court ordered agreements. Our team of specialist parenting lawyers will guide you through which of these paths is better suited to your family.

Do you need assistance or advise in relation to parenting plans?

If you need assistance developing a parenting plan that works for your family’s specific circumstances, our experienced Parenting Plan Lawyers are here to give the expertise and support you to create the foundation for post-separation co-parenting. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance on any parenting or family law related matter.

Contact our Brisbane Family lawyers if you require any specific advice on your current situation. Our team will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have.


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