Court Proceedings 

Court Proceedings in Property Settlement involve legal actions taken to resolve disputes over the division of property and assets between separating or divorcing couples. When negotiations fail to result in an agreement, the parties may resort to court proceedings to have a judge make a binding decision on the property settlement. Brisbane Court Proceeding Lawyers At Simonidis… Continue reading Court Proceedings 

Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements Financial Agreements Financial agreements are legally binding documents that play an important role in establishing asset distribution and financial responsibilities in various relationship settings. Individuals may utilise these agreements to pre-determine how their financial affairs will be handled in the event of a relationship breakdown, marriage dissolution, or separation. These agreements are designed… Continue reading Financial Agreements

Inheritances and Windfalls

Inheritances Inheritances in property settlement matters pertains to the consideration of inherited assets or funds during the process of dividing property and assets after a relationship breakdown. Inheritances received by one partner throughout the course of the relationship can complicate property settlement negotiations as they frequently raise questions about whether these assets should be included… Continue reading Inheritances and Windfalls

Rights Of Third Parties

Third-party involvement in property settlements introduces an additional layer of complexity that requires careful consideration and expert legal guidance. Third-party rights pertain to individuals or entities beyond the separating couple who have a financial interest or stake in the assets being divided. These third parties could include creditors seeking owed payments, beneficiaries with entitlements, family… Continue reading Rights Of Third Parties

De Facto Property Settlement

De facto property settlements address the division of assets and liabilities when a de facto relationship ends. These relationships may involve property, financial resources, and other shared assets that need equitable distribution. The Family Law Act governs such settlements, with considerations similar to those in marital property settlements. Same-sex couples are now considered de facto… Continue reading De Facto Property Settlement

High Value & Complex Property Settlements

High value and complex property settlements frequently include substantial assets, investments, businesses, and real estate holdings, demanding skilled legal counsel to ensure equitable division. Brisbane High Value Property Settlement Lawyers Our skilled team of High Value Property Settlement Lawyers at Simonidis Steel Lawyers has the knowledge to navigate the complexities of such settlements. To get… Continue reading High Value & Complex Property Settlements

Property Settlement

Property Settlement in Family Law As a family law specialist firm we assist clients navigate a range of property settlements from the very modest asset pools to complex property settlements. Simonidis Steel Lawyers strives to streamline the process of property settlement by having a thorough understanding of property settlement laws. Our goal is to provide… Continue reading Property Settlement

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