Domestic Violence Court Proceedings

Domestic Violence Court Proceedings are a legal process for litigating occurrences of Domestic Violence and guaranteeing the safety and protection of victims. These proceedings entail navigating the complex legal framework established by Domestic Violence legislation, which focuses on preventing and addressing domestic violence.   During domestic violence proceedings the victim (known as the aggrieved) seeks… Continue reading Domestic Violence Court Proceedings

Police Protection Notices

What are Police Protection Notices? Police Protection Notices are legal notices given by the police to ensure an individual’s or a group’s immediate safety and protection and notably in circumstances involving potential threats, harassment, or violence. These notices are intended to provide swift intervention and protect individuals from harm while legal processes are initiated or taking… Continue reading Police Protection Notices

Domestic Violence Applications

At Simonidis Steel Lawyers in Brisbane, we are here to provide the support and protection your family deserves. What is A Domestic Violence Application? In Queensland, a domestic violence application is a legal channel aimed to protect individuals from abusive or dangerous situations within a domestic setting. It involves lodging an application with the court… Continue reading Domestic Violence Applications

Domestic Violence

Domestic and Family Violence Have you experienced or are experiencing domestic violence? Our dedicated Lawyers at Simonidis Steel Lawyers located in Brisbane City and Brisbane Northside are here to provide you with the support and protection your family deserves. If you are faced with the challenges of Domestic Violence, our experienced lawyers can help you… Continue reading Domestic Violence

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