Adult Child Maintenance

As Family Law experts Simonidis Steel understand the need and complexities of Adult Child Maintenance. We recognise that this aspect of Family Law necessitates specialised consideration, especially in cases where financial support stretches beyond conventional boundaries. Our skilled family lawyers meticulously evaluate each case, tailoring it to the specific scenario.   Simonidis Steel advocate for… Continue reading Adult Child Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance

According to the Family Law Act 1957, a person has a responsibility to financially support their former spouse if they are unable to meet their own reasonable expenses. If one spouse has been out of the paid workforce for a number of years due to illness or to care for the parties’ children and does… Continue reading Spousal Maintenance


Spousal and Adult Child Maintenance In Family Law matters, maintenance refers to financial support provided by one party to another following separation or divorce. Depending on the circumstances of the parties, maintenance can be provided in a variety of forms including periodic payments or lump sums. It applies to both married and de facto couples.… Continue reading Maintenance

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