Subpoenas in Family Law A subpoena is a legal process which compels a person or entity to produce documents to the Court or for a person or representative of that entity to personally attend Court to give evidence. Subpoenas are a useful tool for the specialist family lawyers to ensure their client’s case is properly… Continue reading Subpoenas

Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

Mediation and family dispute resolution is a constructive approach to resolving issues within families, particularly in cases of property and parenting matters. It helps parties move forwards while minimising the emotional and significant financial burden that is typically associated with court proceedings by fostering conversation and collaboration. As experienced family law specialists, Simonidis Steel Lawyers… Continue reading Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

Court Proceedings

Court Proceedings in the context of parenting disputes involve legal actions taken to resolve arguments over child custody, visitation, and other significant issues concerning the care and raising of children after a separation or divorce. When parents are unable to reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation, they may seek a resolution through the court… Continue reading Court Proceedings

Overseas Travel & Schooling

Overseas Travel As a starting point, the Court accepts as a general proposition that children benefit from overseas travel. The opportunity to travel provides children not only with the benefit of a holiday with a parent but opportunities to enjoy other languages, cultural experiences and form connections and relationships with significant other family members. Unless… Continue reading Overseas Travel & Schooling

Parenting Orders And Parenting Plans

Parenting Orders A parenting order is a document compelling a person to do certain things in relation to the care, welfare and development of their child or children. Parenting orders can encompass a variety of issues, such as a child’s living arrangements, communication between parents, overseas travel and decision making authority on crucial issues like… Continue reading Parenting Orders And Parenting Plans

Grandparent Rights

Grandparent Rights in Family Law Within the realm of Family Law, the rights of a grandparent hold a special and significant place, acknowledging the vital and often profound role that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren.   There is no enshrined legislation which provides for grandparents to have specific rights to see their… Continue reading Grandparent Rights


Relocation in the area of family law refers to a situation in which a parent with primary care of a child seeks to relocate their dwelling, usually a considerable distance away ,making regular time for one of the parents with the child impracticable .This can occur within the same country or even internationally. Relocation situations… Continue reading Relocation

Parenting Disputes

The manner in which parents navigate a family separation has a profound impact on their children and their future. While separation is difficult, it is the ongoing conflict that may have a negative impact on children in the long run. Fostering a positive relationship with your ex-partner is an important endeavour, as it helps the… Continue reading Parenting Disputes

Families and Children 

Child Support is financial support designed to assist parents in meeting the expenses involved with their children’s daily care. The parent who pays child support is known as the ‘payer parent,’ while the recipient is known as the ‘payee parent/carer.’ The amount of Child Support is determined by the income of each parent and the… Continue reading Families and Children 

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