Can I Register A Change To My Child’s Sex?

New reforms to Queensland’s Births, Death’s and Marriages legislation in Queensland. Queensland’s Births, Death’s and Marriages Registration Act 2023 (Qld) has now been passed by Parliament. The new Act provides important changes for gender inclusive reform for transgender and gender diverse individuals and children to register a change of sex on their birth certificates, without… Continue reading Can I Register A Change To My Child’s Sex?


Subpoenas in Family Law A subpoena is a legal process which compels a person or entity to produce documents to the Court or for a person or representative of that entity to personally attend Court to give evidence. Subpoenas are a useful tool for the specialist family lawyers to ensure their client’s case is properly… Continue reading Subpoenas

Children and Parenting Matters

Children and Parenting Matters Simonidis Steel Lawyers is an experienced family law specialist firm located in Brisbane City and North Brisbane. Our team is dedicated to assisting clients in resolving complex parenting disputes through various legal avenues. Some issues which may arise for families experiencing divorce or separation are listed below: Relocation Our experienced family… Continue reading Children and Parenting Matters

Child Support

Child Support and Family Law Child Support is financial support designed to assist separated or divorced parents in meeting the expenses involved with their children’s daily care. The parent who pays child support is known as the ‘payer parent,’ while the recipient is known as the ‘payee parent/carer.’   The amount of Child Support is… Continue reading Child Support

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